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Contribute feedback on new features

What is B-CAB ?

What is Client Advisory Board ?
What is it's purpose ?

BYPEERS Client Advisory Board (B-CAB) is a program comprised of strategic clients who work closely with our company executives to provide input on how we can make our platform best serve client’ needs.

The value we intend to get.

To better understand our product fit.
Increase understanding of how the company’s products and services benefit customers.
To validate new features and improvements.
Validate strategy and gain feedback for new ideas and product development.
To ensure internal alignment on market strategy.
Gain internal alignment on customer perspective and go-to-market plans.
To increase market intelligence.

Increase market intelligence on competitor strategies.

To strengthen customer advocacy.
Strengthen customer advocates.

Made up of B2Bs at different levels.


What we do

B2B prospecting is hard. makes it easy.

BYPEERS makes B2B prospecting easier, more efficient and lead engagement non-disruptive for buyers.

No more cold prospecting.

BYPEERS uses multi-source buying intent signals to find leads actively looking for a solution like yours, filling your pipeline with high-value actionable leads ready to be closed.

Focus on the right leads, at the right point in their buying cycle.

Our sales AI implements account-based sales intelligence to route accounts based on their readiness to purchase.

Goodbye templates.
Hello in-context messaging.

Based on their demonstrated intent, our sales co-pilot Ai researches each lead and crafts highly-personalized in-context messaging they can't ignore.

Sequences are dead.
Welcome to dynamic engagement.

Rather than following pre-determined touch points, our Ai co-pilot autonomously determines the next best action for each buyer based on their buying stage, preferred channel and engagement level.

success stories

Program benefits

Leverage our insider knowledge.
Supercharge your B2B sales.

We know our platform, you know your business; let’s collaborate to drive maximum business.

Why you should join B-CAB ?

What's the benefit of becoming a B-CAB member ?

  • Use all features with no limits.

    You get access to the exclusive Unlimited Everything Plan, which enables you to access and use all features without limits.

  • Get premium support.

    Leverage our insider knowledge in streamlining processes and optimizing strategies to get the most out of our platform.

  • Get your business featured in case studies.

    Participate in our case study programs and your business will be featured in our marketing content.

  • Influence product roadmap.

    Influence improvements and new features and be the first to access and give feedback on new features.

Sign up

Become a Client Advisory Board member.

Get access to the Unlimited Everything Plan.

  • Get unlimited leads

    Get unlimited ready-to-buy leads.
    Upload your own lead lists.

  • Find unlimited contacts

    Get decision-makers verified emails., phone numbers, linkedin.

  • Unlimited outreach

    Invite unlimited users.
    Connect unlimited sending mailboxes.
    Send unlimited outbound emails.

  • Scale with Ai Sales Co-Pilot

    Autonomously finds, pre-qualifies, and approves the perfect leads.
    Autonomously writes highly-personalized and on-brand messages.
    Use unlimited workflows to train our AI engine to perform tasks just you would.

Seats are limited.



How do I qualify ?

✓ Our Client Advisory Board is made up of a cross section of our clients – enterprises, startups, SMBs, solopreneurs.

✓ We only accept B2Bs selling services or software as a service.

✓ You must be a, “Unlimited Everything Plan” client to qualify. Therefore, you’ll be offered an opportunity to sign up or upgrade to the exclusive “Unlimited Everything Plan”.

What if we don't align or I am not happy with the results after I already paid for Unlimited Everything Plan ?

You will have two windows to cancel for full refund:

✓  You can cancel and get immediate refund after the “get-to-know-each-other” call, before we get started.

✓ After that, you will also have 3 months to work with our team to get you results. If you are not absolutely happy with the results during that period, you can also cancel for a full refund.

How do I sign up ?

Signing up is easy.

✓ First, submit your business using the form behind the “Apply Now” button.

✓ Sign up or upgrade to the exclusive “Unlimited Everything Plan”.

What is premium support ?

As a member of our Client Advisory Board, you will get a dedicated success manager to help your team get the most out of our platform. They will connect your team with our product support team members as needed to help your team build and optimize campaigns to maximize results. They will also be available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

What can I expect after I submit my application ?

✓ We will review your information within two business days.

✓ We will then invite you to a “get-to-know-each” zoom call.

✓ You would then be notified of our decision within 7 business days.

Are there any other benefits to becoming a member of the BYPEERS Client Advisory Board ?

✓ We are also considering future equity options for the founding members of our CAB.

✓ Also, there are future plans to consider some partnership / revenue sharing programs for our founding CAB members.

What happens to my Unlimited Everything Plan if my application is denied ?

You can choose to keep your Unlimited Everything Plan for the duration you paid for, or you may cancel your subscription for a full refund.

How much control over my campaigns during the case study process ?

100%. We collaborate with you to build your pipeline – sequences, messaging. That means you will approves every aspect of the campaign before implementation.

Once I get a seat, how long will I have it ?

✓ Outside of extenuating circumstances, as the first class of our CAB, you will have the opportunity to renew your membership every year for life.

Will I save in fees by joining the Client Advisory Board ?


✓ The current pricing for the Unlimited Everything Plan is significantly lower than our custom quoted Enterprise Plan, which, like all our other plans,  limits the number of users, email sending accounts, leads, messages, automation, and features per month.

Client Advisory Board

Tell us about you and your your business.

plan comparison

Compare plans side-by-side

Select a plan that’s right for your business. You may cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Grow Grow + Leads Grow + Contacts

Grow your Twitter 20x faster than any other tool out there.

Find and engage quality leads while growing your Twitter fast.

Get leads emails + phone and enroll automated emails.

Discover & Engage
Discover relevant conversations
Auto discover conversation relevant to you (and your business), categorized and sorted for easier navigation and interaction.
Engage in relevant conversations
Easily reply, like, retweet content from our decluttered interface.
Content Inspiration
Tweet library
Keep 1,000s of viral or evergreen tweets at your fingertips using Tweet Library for inspiration or auto repost/retweet.
Create custom collections
Create custom library collections to organize your tweet library.
Automate collections
Perform actions on collections automatically i.e add tweets to collections, auto post/retweet tweets.
Moderate drafts
Approve posts first before they are scheduled for publishing
Manage scheduled calendar
See all your scheduled posts in one place, and add or edit posts as needed.
Best time to publish
Publishing schedules are automatically created for you based on engagement on your previous content; as well as others similar to you (your business).
Auto schedule & publish
Just approve your posts and ByPeers auto schedules and posts at the optimal time for maximum reach, engagement and impact. Or you may manually per tweet override if you so wish.
Track Links

Built-in URL shortener automatically shortens all URLs within emails, DMs, or social content. (can be disabled) You may also manually shorten URLs that you want to track. 

Track with Google Analytics
Our URL shortener is integrated with Google Analytics i.e you may track UTM attributions by campaign, medium, source, target keywords in Google Analytics.
Track Content
Create social campaigns
Create standalone social campaigns and/or organize all your content into campaigns for easier performance tracking and reporting.
Moderate campaign content
Enable your team to moderate content from campaign for activations.
Measure content performance
Use built-in analytics to measure campaign performance by defined metrics and KPIs.
Showcase your content
Showcase content from your campaigns in your microsites and landing pages for social proof.
Build Audience
Targeted follow/unfollow lists
Get a list of “Who To Follow” and “Who To Unfollow” suggestions curated based on your niche or industry, automatically updated daily.
Targeted Ads custom audience
Generate a csv file of custom audience to target with your paid campaigns on Twitter.
Monitor your name (brand)
Keep track of any mentions of you (or your business) and respond to them in a single place.
Monitor relevant users
Monitor users such as influencers, competitors, or leads/prospects; and who is engaging with their content for strategic planning.
Monitor relevant keywords
Monitor keywords relevant to you (or your business) for strategic planning.
Find out who are the people leading conversations relevant to your business, industry, or niche at all times for strategic planning i.e partnerships
Find out which keywords are prominent in conversation relevant to your business, industry, or niche.
Find & Engage Leads
Search for leads
Auto find and filter quality leads for your business.
Approve leads
Turns lead into sales prospect i.e eligible to be targeted by outbound sales campaigns.
Auto DM sequences
Include automated DMs in your sequences to send out and monitor DMs to your leads to save time and increase the chances of your messages been seen.
Auto enroll DM sequences

Auto-enroll qualifying or approved leads into DM sequences for outbound outreach.

Access high-converting DM templates
Access and user our library of proven high-converting DM templates written by the best Twitter marketers with years of experience.
Get Leads Contacts
Get lead email + phone
Get contact information such as emails and telephone numbers for your sales prospects. All contact information are up to date and verified.
Auto email sequences
Setup high converting automated email sequences to your prospects. You may create own emails or use our proven templates and sit back and watch your calendar fill up with sales call appointments.
Auto-enroll email sequences
Auto-enroll qualifying or approved leads into email sequences for outbound outreach.
Access high-converting email templates
Access and user our library of proven high-converting email templates written by the best Twitter marketers with years of experience.
Standalone Services
Dedicated account manager
You get a single point of contact you can call, email and will manage your account every day.
Growth templates
Tips, strategies and templates from similar successful accounts.
Monitoring and optimization
We continuously monitor and optimize your account for best results.
Custom integrations
Custom integration to your platforms such as CMS, email campaigns, et cetera.
API access
Access to API for custom integrations such as content activations.
Wordpress integration
Automatically import your content daily from WordPress into ByPeers account for content publishing.
Custom export to CRM
Integrate your account with your CRM to export your leads or sales prospects.